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CiBest LED GM60 Movie Projector Full 1080p 1000 Lumens with HDMI Cable

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CiBest Video Projector

CiBest LED GM60 Movie Projector Full 1080p 1000 Lumens with HDMI Cable

CiBest LED GM60 video projector has multi-function interfaces that include HDMI, USB, AV, SD and USB. Using these connection inputs of CiBest GM60, you can easily connect with multiple devices such as TV, laptops, computers, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and many others.

CiBest LED GM60 has low power consumption requirement as it can run on only 50W current. This is really a high quality video projector from the popular CiBest brand that will let you watch your preferred programs on larger screen using HDMI, USB and SD card.  You can easily connect your PC, laptop, DVD player to enjoy rich content.

CiBest LED GM60 movie projector has portable design that is really very easy to take and travel. This high quality and advanced video projector is compatible with many multimedia stuffs including music, picture, videos and txt file. This CiBest brand video projector will surely let you enjoy movie and football match at home. You can also run it in your courtyard or outside of home if you want. So it serves as both indoor and outdoor projector.

Further, CiBest LED GM60 supports 1.5 to 4 meter projection distance and 49 to 130 inches projection screen. Please make sure that tis projector is not a short throw projector because the best projection distance is suggested is from 1.5M to 2M while the best projection size is from 49 to 80 inches. Please make sure that CiBest LED GM60 projector is made for dark environment so it is not suitable for a business presentation, education and meeting presentations where the room is not dark.

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