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Gourmia GSV550 9 Qt Sous Vide Water Oven Cooker with Digital Timer and Temperature controls

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61z9yri2jel-_sl1000_If you are looking to buy the best quality oven cooker with digital timer and temperature controls then you can check Gourmia GSV550 as well. It comes with rich features and capabilities to facilitate easy cooking in any kitchen. Further, Gourmia GSV550 has large back-lit LCD displays digital timer and temperatures, audio alerts for times and temperatures. Further, it comes with multi-use lid that can be used as a drip tray.

Further, Gourmia GSV550 9 Qt Sous Vide Water Oven Cooker supports the temperature that regulate between 45° and 90° Celsius. It also comes with a rack for multiple pouches.

Well, there is no doubts that it comes with endless possibilities. It has intelligently intuitive water oven cooking system that makes it easier than ever to explore the classic art of Sous Vide. Whether you want to cook meats, delicate seafood, Sous Vide oven is perfect for such heavy cooking requirements. Read more…



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